"Simple stock dividends and the reinvestment of those dividends, account for more three quarters of all stock market returns over the past 100 years."
That is an incredible and true statement. However, did you know that only the wealthiest Americans receive the majority of that dividend income. No wonder the "rich get richer".
Take a moment. Be honest. Ask yourself this question:
What are your retirement years going to look like?
  • Are you going to be living month to month on just Social Security income?
  • Will you be forced to supplement that Social Security income by working 40 hours a week until you the day you can longer get out of bed?
  • Will you be forced to skip meals or medications because you just do not have the money to pay for them?
  • Even if you have retirement savings, is there a real risk you could simply run out of money during retirement? 
Here is the sad truth:
Regardless of the lies you hear from the main stream financial media about Americans being flush with cash and wealthy:

Social Security Income is going to be the primary source of retirement income for the majority of Americans.
That's right and that information comes straight from the U.S. Government. In addition, during March of 2014 the Economic Policy Institute released figures that stated the following: "70% of all Americans have a combined total in savings and retirement of $20,000."  That figure is shocking especially when you consider that everyone "looks" and "acts" like they are wealthy as they walk down the street. that going to be you? 

We hope not. However if you are headed in that direction and are just now starting to realize that you will have to plan for a real future, we have a solution for you. It is never to late to secure your future using a real wealth building strategy. Join those who since 2009, have learned the truth about long term wealth creation. It is time for you to learn about:
"The Complete Dividend Plan."
What is "The Complete Dividend Plan"?
  • "The Complete Dividend Plan" is an "Income Accumulation Strategy". It is the creation of monthly cash flow that over time becomes so large you can live off that cash flow in retirement.  (Unlike an "Asset Depletion Strategy" that Wall Street and all the financial planners sell today. They want you to deplete your assets while handing over absurd high fees for doing absolutely nothing.)
  • With "The Complete Dividend Plan" you get paid monthly dividends thus generating realistic dividend income of 6% to 8% per year. That gives your portfolio the ability to exponentially expand your net worth at a faster pace than 98% of other stock market investors while maintaining your peace of mind.
  • Not only do you receive a complete list of securities which we believe are the best monthly dividend paying securities that trade on the stock exchanges, we also provide a model portfolio as a fantastic starting point for you to build around and expand for your own investment needs.
  • "The Complete Dividend Plan" is NOT a monthly subscription newsletter. It is a downloadable PDF that is purchased only once, saving you hundreds of dollars. There are no recurring monthly subscription fees.
What kinds of securities does " The Complete Dividend Plan" include?
  • Monthly paying stocks, ETF's, and closed end funds that fit our tailor made program for wealth building. These securities used in combination, can create a powerful dividend stream of reinvestment income. These securities trade on the United States; Canadian; OTC stock exchanges.
  • If you are thinking this is going to be a list of stocks such as Wal-Mart (WMT), Microsoft (MSFT) Exxon Mobil (XOM) or even Proctor and Gamble (PG) you are in for a complete surprise. We would never want to insult your intelligence by selecting the same Wall Street stock recommendations that the financial media tries to pass off as "innovative research". 
So how much would you pay for all this? $100.00? $75.00? $50.00? No. Not even close.
The total one time cost to purchase the "Complete Dividend Plan" and change your financial future is: $29.99
No, that is not a typographical error in price. We continue to make this real information completely affordable for everyone to purchase. Why do we continue year after year to keep the price low? We will tell you. We continue to offer the "Complete Dividend Plan" at such a low price because we just want to educate and help people. Someone has to do it, because Wall Street and the financial media are certainly not going help you. Remember their job is to keep telling you what you "want to hear", rather than what you "need to hear". 
We couldn't make the cost of this plan any less expensive. Not for the amount of information we are providing (Almost 60 pages of information). The reality is if you are in denial about the future and just think that everything is going to "work itself out" in the long run, well there is nothing we can do here to convince you otherwise.
*Please remember these last important facts:
There are two powerful words that exist in the English language.

Word # 1: Choice.

An individual's life path and final outcome is typically set by the choices one makes during their daily lives. We can blame others but most of the time, we only have ourselves to blame for our own situations.

Word #2: Time.

The passage of “TIME” is the real enemy of the investor. Each year we get older. Each year we miss another opportunity to make money, and more importantly, compound our wealth.  Investing wisely, collecting dividends, and reinvesting those dividends is the true path to long term wealth creation. 
This is exactly what "The Complete Dividend Plan" achieves. You do not want to wake up when you're 70 years old only to realize you have no means to support yourself and more importantly enjoy the final years of what has hopefully been a very fulfilling life.
The time to act is now, while you still have many years before your retirement.
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